Born on April 22, 1984 in Valencia, Spain.





2007 Autonomus Barcelona Arts University– Barcelona. Graduate in Fine Arts.

2004 Ecole National Superieure D’arts Décorativ – ENSAD. Paris.

2003 Carlos Lasarte School Theater – Barcelona.

2001 Valencia University– Valencia. Entrance exam with honours.

2000 Institute LLuis Vives – Valencia. High School for the Arts.











Juan XXIII, Benifaió, Valencia









VALENCIA, December/ January 2019, Espai Lluerna. 'Mirades paralel-les'

VALENCIA, December/ January 2019, Imprevisual Gallery, Posquins exhibition

VALENCIA, October/December, Tastavins (Benifaió). 'Piece of my heart'. Painting, drawing




VALENCIA, Diciember/ January, Juan XXIII (Benifaio). 'Llum'. Painting 

VALENCIA, September, Muez. 'Frontal'. Drawings, graphics

VALENCIA, September, Tastavins (Benifaió). 'Gracies Mare'. Graphic

VALENCIA, June/ August, Café Berlín. 'Brea-king Off' Collective. Installation

VALENCIA, May/ June, El Palmero (Benifaió). 'Hemo.Globi/ Tá'. Graphic, drawing




VALENCIA, December/ January, Juan XXIII (Benifaió). 'Jo, ja no tinc presa'. Drawings




VALENCIA, 16 July / 21 August, Palau de Pineda. Paintings




TARRAGONA, May / June, CT Art Gallery. Paintings

BERLIN, April, La Escalera. Paintings

BARCELONA, March, Pantocrator Gallery. Collage

BARCELONA, January/ February, Hotel Anglí. Paintings

MADRID, Frebruary, ARCO 2014, "Art in motion".

MADRID, December/January, Galería de Arte David Bardía. Paintings.




VALENCIA, December/January 2014, WayCo art space. Individual. Paintings.

VALENCIA, August, Café Berlín. Individual. Photography.

BRASIL (San Pablo), July/September, Vicunha Art Textil "Customizart Project".




VALENCIA, December, Rice Museum Valencia. IndividualPainting, collage and installation.

AMSTERDAM, December, "International Fair Amsterdam Showcase 2012". La Pan Gallery.

SAN FRANCISCO, November, Flaying Pig (Mision). Individual "America Darling", collage. 

BERLIN, September, "Berliner Liste". La Pan Gallery.

VALENCIA, March, in “Historical Arab Tower”. Individual "Ente, environment, cosmos," painting.




BERLIN, October, in I golossy briganti (Kreuzberg). Individual painting.

BERLIN, August, in Wowsville Berlin (Kreuzberg). Performance "Toten".

BERLIN, July, Alessandro Vitali Galery. Collective "No human trafficking," painting.

VALENCIA July, Mainel Foundation. Collective painting selected for Mainel Foundation Award 2011.

BERLIN, July, Alessandro Vitali Gallery. Collective "Abstract Reality" painting.

BERLIN, May, a Loja Atelier (Kreuzberg). Fashion show. Collective, textile art, painting.

BERLIN, April, a Loja Atelier (Kreuzberg). Collective painting.




BERLIN, November, in Eis 36 (Kreuzberg). Performance "I am a dreamer."

BERLIN, October, Atelier Überal (Kreuzber). Performance "Dance".

BERLIN, October, in Transit (Kreuzberg). Individual, collage.

BERLIN, October, Galerie im Regierungsviertel (Kreuzberg). Collective painting and performance.

BERLIN, August, Pantocrator Gallery (Mitte). Individual "Where are you?", Collage and painting.

VALENCIA, July, Expressa't Art & Music Festival. Painting and artvideo.

BERLIN, July, Turn-Gallery Berlin (Mitte). Collective, "Soft boundaries", painting.




BERLIN, November. Turn-Berlin Gallery (Mite). Collective painting and performance.

VALENCIA, March. Valetudo Artistic arts festival. Collective, fotocolage.

BERLIN, March. W.I.R Gallery. "Ohne Worte" (without words). Individual drawing.

BERLIN, February. In Transit (Kreuzberg). Individual, collage and painting.

BERLIN, January. Turn-Gallery Berlin (Mitte). Collective "On the Bounce" painting.




BERLIN, December. Turn-Berlin Gallery (Mite). Collective painting.

VALENCIA, December. Almussafes Arts Center. Collaborative Piano Festival. Paintings.

BERLIN, November. Kochrausch Art (Mitte). Individual, “Do you feel?”, painting and photo.

BARCELONA, September. Clara Library. Individual, "Bamba, Bamba", textile paint.

BARCELONA, June. Presentation Tramontana Art Festival. Collective, action Painting (Visuals + Sounds Lefilms and Diegodeleón+Angels LeFou painting)

BARCELONA, March. Guapopo Gallery. Collective painting and performance.




BARCELONA, June, Creative Lab 'arts center. Individual "Within II", painting.




BARCELONA, October, Sixth Continent CC6C Art Center. Individual "Within II", painting.

BARCELONA, April, Niu Gallery. Minifestival "Astronauts Club." Collective painting and performance.




VALENCIA, December. Almussafes cultural center. Individual, "Inside" painting.






BARCELONA, January 2014. The newspaper "La Vanguardia" announce the paintings exhibition by Angels LF in Anglí Hotel.

VALENCIA, March 2012. The newspaper "El País" published "Ent, entorn and cosmos" Angels Lefou

VALENCIA, September 2011. The newspaper "The Lift" publishes "Art Valencian and Berliners."

VALENCIA, March 2011. 1 st edition of two books with works by the artist: Angels Lefou Designs and Collages.

BERLIN, Jan. 2009. “Carpe Berlin Magazine” published "The art of Aangels Lefou of Berlin's culture scene."

BRAZIL, December 2007. “Vogue Brazil”, published “Angels Lefou and BAMBA BAMBA-Art Pes us."

BARCELONA, November 2007. “Le cool magazine”, published “Angels Lefou and BAMBA BAMBA!”.

BARCELONA, January 2007. “Raval magazine”, published “Angels Lefou and The crying eye painting”.

VALENCIA, January 2005. “Valencia TV report” on “Angels Lefou and the painting exhibition Inside."






Artists' books (poetry, photography and collage)








Residing in Valencia.